Fall vineyard with vibrant colors, outbuildings and Red Mountain in Benton County, WA
Vineyard, outbuildings and Red Mountain in Benton County, Washington

Experience, momentum, and opportunity are the three biggest factors for the growth of Alliant Roofing in Central Washington and into a regional brand.

There are a lot of commercial roofs in this area that need to be fixed or replaced. Even more flat roof inspections need to be done. We recently completed a project on several government buildings in Benton County, and did a significant repair job for United Way in Kennewick. I am especially proud of that one, because we completed the work under bid, and ended up giving money back to United Way.

I think that we are ready to grow our presence in Central Washington and beyond. We are starting to reach out in a big way, bidding more commercial projects and public works such as post offices and school contracts.

Alliant Roofing is ready for expansion. We have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to establish a greater physical presence in this area. There are numerous government properties that need either new or repaired roofs. We are factory-certified to repair or install every kind of commercial roof: metal, TPO, PVC, EPDM or shingles.

My goals for the company are ambitious. I want Alliant Roofing to have a greater market presence in Central Washington and Seattle. Our success began over 100 years ago with Spokane Roofing Company in Spokane, WA. It is true that when you can run a successful roofing company in Spokane, with all the challenges that extreme weather offers, you can run one anywhere. Expansion has to happen in measured steps, and we are ready to grow.

My vision for Spokane Roofing and Alliant has evolved. I have learned the best way to run a commercial roofing company. That means knowing what products to recommend in different conditions, and how best to install them. Most of all, it means establishing our core values and living by them.

Our strengths at Alliant and at Spokane Roofing are our honesty, experience and credibility. Commercial building owners and property managers are smart consumers. I respect their knowledge, and I hope they respect mine. Sales are not made just by submitting the lowest bid. They are made through personal interaction and establishing solid relationships with potential customers.

I work to be transparent in everything I do. Anyone with questions about a commercial roof is welcome to call and ask us. It costs nothing to do that. The roof may not be free, but the advice is. Any conversation about commercial roofing is going to be an honest one.

Despite all the modern materials and technology in the commercial roofing industry, success still comes down to personal relationships and how you treat people.

Jeff Sitton, Alliant Roofing

My job as the owner of a premier commercial roofing business is to let potential customers know about our company. Our values permeate Alliant Roofing from top to bottom. Doing my job right means hiring the right people; I hire core values over skill every time. Roofing skills are important, but trustworthiness is how we have built our companies. That is what I want every one of our customers and potential customers to know.

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