Greenies Bike Shop, Richland, WA Storefront
Greenies Bike Shop, Richland, WA Storefront

When a leaky store roof threatened to disrupt Greenies Bike Shop’s business operations, Alliant Roofing Company jumped into action. We conducted a free commercial roof inspection, which revealed the 15-year-old single-ply membrane roof suffered from ponding water due to rooftop settling. Alliant Roofing’s initial recommendation was to replace the roof and eliminate the ponding. Given the arrival of Winter was imminent, it appeared a new roof would have to wait.

Enter lateral thinking, a commercial roof recover instead of replacement. A flat roof recover saves time and money because it leaves the existing roof membrane in place (no tear-off). A mechanical engineer’s assessment concluded a roof recover would have no material affect on the roof load. While we waited for a window of opportunity to recover the roof in Winter, Alliant Roofing staged materials and secured permits for a rapid deployment. That window of opportunity opened in Mid-January and Alliant Roofing acted promptly to the building owner’s satisfaction.

Was impressed from the initial estimate and follow up, they were top notch and quick turnaround time to get the estimate. I stopped by the job site while the crew was working and was impressed with their safety culture. Office support did great communicating scheduling, answering questions and all warranty paperwork was in place. Overall, great experience and I am not sure if I have ever seen something better (and I have worked with many contractors in the past). As a customer, I feel I got top value for my money, and I now have a good roof put in on my building.

Herb B., Building Owner

Greenies Commercial Roof Recover Project Details

Work began by scoring the existing, single-ply membrane roof and covering it with recover board as required. Alliant Roofing then installed a mechanically attached thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) membrane roof and factory-made TPO boots over rooftop penetrations. Work finished by installing new scuppers and coping metal.

TPO Roof Recover Major Materials List

  • 1/2″ Insulfoam R-TECH® Rigid Foam Fanfold EPS Insulation Recover Board
  • Elevate TPO 60‑mil Membrane, mechanically attached
  • Elevate TPO Vent Boots
  • Scuppers.

MacArthur Co. – Pasco Branch supplied the EPS recovery board, TPO roofing materials, and scuppers.

Commercial Roofing in Winter

Commercial roofing in Winter is a challenging operation when rooftop snow and cold temperatures shutdown most single-ply roofers. Alliant Roofing’s professionalism, safety culture, and adaptability allowed us to recover Greenies’ flat roof when the opportunity arose. Our semiannual roof maintenance service will help to ensure years of leak-free use and the manufacturer’s 20-year warranty remains in effect. Are you experiencing delays in replacing, repairing, or maintaining your commercial flat roof? Then call Alliant Roofing today at 1-833-228-8622 to schedule a Free Roof Inspection or get a free estimate. Let us help to keep your business rolling along.