State Bank NW, Spokane Valley Branch After Metal Roof Replacement Project Completion
State Bank Northwest, Spokane Valley Branch After Metal Roof Replacement Project Completion

Many commercial buildings can benefit from a new metal roof. State Bank Northwest’s Spokane Valley Branch exemplifies this point. The bank branch’s metal roof replacement makes it look like a new building, thus resulting in greater visibility, more business customers, and increased personal banking interest in the new bank.

State Bank Northwest is a 120-year-old community bank with branches in 6 locations and growing. The Spokane Valley Branch was built 40 years ago and had the original roof. The dark blue roof had faded over the years and begun to leak, primarily around grommets and fasteners. The extent of the water intrusion became apparent during tear off of the original roof. Water had damaged plywood roof deck panels and high-profile ridge trusses, resulting in an expanded scope of work.

Spokane Roofing [dba Alliant Roofing] has been great to work with. State Bank replaced a large metal roof at our headquarters. The project was big and challenging due to the supply chain issues, but Spokane Roofing did a great job of working with us to make sure the project was done right and at a good price. Their work space was very clean and the project finished on time and in line with expectations, despite some setbacks due to the age of the building. I would definitely recommend using Spokane Roofing and will use them again ourselves if the opportunity arises.

Chad Dashiell, CFO, State Bank NW

Bank Metal Roof Replacement Project Details

The approximately 7,000 square foot roof comprised 3 sections of 16-inch wide, ribbed metal roofing of differing lengths. The longest section covered the drive thru teller window/ATMs, which measured seventy (70) feet long. Alliant Roofing Company installed full-length metal roof panels on all 3 roof sections to eliminate inside seams. Alliant Roofing raised the metal roof panels to the bank branch’s roof using a truck-mounted, extension crane. The entire operation proceeded in a safe and professional manner, without business interruption or incident.

Truck-Mounted, Extension Crane Lifting Bundles Of 70-Foot Long Metal Roof Panels
Truck-Mounted, Extension Crane Lifting Bundles Of 70-Foot Long Metal Roof Panels

Rolled Steel Products, Inc. in Spokane, Washington supplied the concealed fastener roof panels, roof ridge, and associated flashing.

Alliant Roofing purchased new trusses and raised them to the roof using a telehandler reach forklift.

Metal Reroof Project Partial Materials List

  • RSP LOC-RIB™ Concealed Fastener Roof Panels
  • Ice and water shield, high temperature, fully adhered, roof underlayment
  • Snow guards and eave drip flashing.

Craftsmanship Plus Roof Asset Management Extends Roof Life

Consistency of work is a hallmark of Alliant Roofing’s craftsmanship. Our team of metal roofers are master craftsman who excel at their trade. Alliant Roofing is one of two or three roofing companies in the Spokane Metropolitan Area who can undertake such specialty work.

State Bank Northwest is a Roof Asset Management (RAM) customer entitled to twice-yearly inspections and maintenance, including drain cleaning. Keeping rooftop drains flowing is critical to the life of any commercial roof, especially a metal roof, which is designed to shed water instead of holding it. High-quality materials, uniquely skilled installation, and regularly scheduled inspections ensure an extended metal roof life.

Does My Building Need A New Metal Roof?

Has your commercial building’s metal roof lost its weathertight integrity, energy, or aesthetic appeal? Then call the metal roofing experts at Alliant Roofing today at 1-833-228-8622 to schedule a free commercial roof inspection and free estimate. Let a new metal roof fix your persistent leaks and restore your building’s vitality.