FiberTite® Seaman Corporation
FiberTite® Seaman Corporation, Intelligent Roofing Systems

FiberTite sets the performance standard with its use of Elvaloy® KEE (Ketone Ethylene Ester) in roofing membranes. KEE is a solid, flexible, durable ingredient ideal in the manufacture of high-quality, long-lasting single-ply roofing.

In our environmentally diverse service area, architects believe that KEE-based membranes hold up better to the combination of soil, fertilizer, and dust in the air, that might compromise other roofing systems. We frequently have used PVC in the Pullman-Moscow-Lewiston-Orofino area and in restaurant roofing installations, where grease from animal fats can shorten roof lives. KEE-based single-ply, membrane roofing products offer an improved alternative to standard PVC.

The addition of the FiberTite roofing systems line continues Alliant Roofing Company’s strong growth, both locally and across the Western US. FiberTite is an exclusive line; the manufacturer requires commercial roofing contractor certification before a company may bid on a roofing project. Adding FiberTite expands our opportunities, making it good for our customers and good for our business.

Jeff Sitton, Alliant Roofing Company

FiberTite offers numerous roofing systems, including hybrid, sustainable/green, mechanically attached, and simulated metal. A simulated metal roofing system is also known as rib roofing. It combines the look of metal with a proven, long-term track record and thermoplastic welded seams for durable leak protection. FiberTite membranes also come in made-to-order colors, an attractive option for building owners who want something different from the standard white, tan, and gray.

FiberTite Roof Application

The application of a FiberTite roof is similar to other membrane roofing systems. So, we are able to use all of our state-of-the-art equipment, including robot welders.

Alliant Roofing Company’s employees are fully trained to select, specify and install FiberTite Intelligent Roofing Solutions. Training starts with coursework and videos, extends into physical demonstrations, and continues with our continuing education for all employees. Before an ARC roofer steps on a roof, he or she typically has 40 to 60 hours of training. Our clients know that Alliant Roofing Company has the knowledge, expertise and motivation to install their commercial roofs right the first time.

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