Wallace Residence Center - University of Idaho - Moscow, ID
Wallace Residence Center – Central Core, University of Idaho – Moscow, ID

The success of any public works building project starts with a good architect. A flat roof replacement architected by Associated Architects LLP was no exception. Alliant Roofing Company installed the new flat roof last summer on the University of Idaho’s Wallace Residence Center (WRC).

Associated Architects has worked with the Construction Services Department for more than 20 years. The lead architect knows just about everything about flat roofing systems, especially which ones stand up best to the climate and the soils in Moscow, Idaho. The architect reached out to Alliant Roofing after winning the bid and provided all of the project specifications. It gave us a great head start.

The architect chose a FiberTite mechanically attached, single-ply, membrane roofing system, because it is tough, light and flexible. The existing roof had lasted only 12 to 15 years, largely because fertilizers in the local soil ate away the old membrane. FiberTite’s KEE-based membrane better withstands these fertilizers.

FiberTite® - Seaman Corporation

FiberTite Flat Roof Replacement Project Details – University of Idaho

Installing a new roof on Wallace Residence Center central core had its challenges, especially student safety issues. WRC comprises four 6-story student dormitory wings arranged in an X-shaped layout, with a 2-story central core hosting the main dining hall. We used lots of heavy equipment, while removing the old ballasted, membrane roofing system down to the TECTUM roof deck. Many components came together, as we sectioned things off while working around students.

Working with FiberTite membrane roofing requires craftsmanship and experience, because the welds are applied differently. When you fail to change speeds and temperatures, the roof will not last. All public works projects involve lots of inspectors, and we passed every inspection. U of I received a 20-year No Dollar Limit (NDL) warranty from FiberTite, all due to excellent products and craftsmanship.

The whole University of Idaho team really are professionals. We attended a pre-bid conference with 20 people from all different departments, each one with his/her own responsibility and interest. Everything was really well-run, and they were a great roofing partner.

I cannot say enough good things about our team, too. A tremendous amount of administrative work occurs behind the scenes on public works projects. We could not do these jobs without our Office Staff. Everything they do makes our process better, from submittals to payroll and everything in between.

Jeff Sitton, Alliant Roofing Company

People Are Key To Success

The best thing I can do as a roofing business owner is to hire people who are exceptional and completely qualified. My job is to see the big picture, because success comes from having people who are experts in their specific areas. That is what we have at Alliant Roofing.

The FiberTite flat roof installation project at the University of Idaho went well from start to finish. That is a tribute to the people involved from the University of Idaho, Associated Architects LLP and Alliant Roofing Company.

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