Lewiston, Idaho – City Hall
City Hall – Lewiston, Idaho

Recently completed public works re-roof projects for The City of Lewiston illustrate the point, When you are not moving forward in the roofing industry, you are moving backward.

Alliant Roofing Company is always looking to expand its footprint in the Western US. Central Idaho and Western Montana provide us a great opportunity for growth. Just as importantly, we deliver commercial roofing services that potential customers currently are missing. We strive to make Alliant Roofing the best commercial roofing option for business owners, government agencies and general contractors across the region.

Alliant Roofing has successfully completed large-scale, local roofing projects at the Idaho Department of Transportation, University of Idaho and Orofino Public Schools, as well as numerous agricultural buildings. Building our presence in Lewiston, Idaho is a natural progression.

That doesn’t mean expansion is easy, though. Growing our core service area requires organization, efficiency and an ability to service customers after the sale. Emergency and maintenance work are the norm, and our operation is big enough to do both. I will never sell a roof that we can’t maintain.

Alliant Roofing has systems and processes in place to expand successfully. It’s not as if growth happens overnight. You build your business in baby steps. Time, distance and experience are on our side, making us the premier roofing contractor everyone wants.

Qualifying to bid on public works projects in the state of Idaho requires a Public Works Contractor’s License. Deep experience, strong financials, testing, education, references, and a history of success are just a few of the criteria.

Jeff Sitton, Alliant Roofing Company

Lewiston Public Works Facilities Re-Roof Overview

The Lewiston facilities re-roof projects covered four public works buildings: City Hall (lower roof), Police Department Headquarters, Fire Department Headquarters and the Community Center (partial). Work lasted close to two months in total.

Our greatest challenge was to complete work with minimum disruption, while the buildings continued to serve the public 24/7. Keeping each facility watertight and maintaining existing communications systems at the Fire Department Headquarters and the Police Department Headquarters were extremely important. I am very proud of the results our team delivered.

Alliant Roofing worked closely with Castellaw Kom Architects (CKA), a City of Lewiston project manager and city inspectors. We conducted inspections after completing each major milestone, before proceeding to the next phase of work.

Re-Roofing Materials – Lewiston City Hall, Police & Fire Department Headquarters

Alliant Roofing removed all 18,832 square-feet of existing, single-ply membrane roofing material and installed new, flat roof systems comprising:

  • 60 mil VersiFlex™-E KEE HP PVC membrane with Elvaloy® KEE
  • 1/4-inch DensDeck® Cover Board Distributed by Versico
  • 6 mil Vapor Barrier.
Versico Roofing Systems

Convoy Supply Ltd. supplied all single-ply membrane roofing materials and accessories.

Re-Roofing Materials – Lewiston Community Center

Alliant Roofing removed existing, mossy shingles and installed a replacement, shingle roof comprising:

  • CertainTeed LandMark® Series Laminate Shingles
  • ASTM D4869 Underlayment.
CertainTeed Saint-Gobain

Convoy Supply Ltd. supplied all laminate shingle roofing materials and accessories.

Lewiston, Idaho – Community Center

Community Center

Competitive, Fair, Transparent

Alliant Roofing Company bids competitively, in a fair and transparent manner. We are growing our business based on relationships, not just transactions. Customers soon learn that we are qualified roofing professionals, who work with character and integrity. Always. So, call Alliant Roofing at 1-833-228-8622 for your next public works, industrial or commercial roofing project in the Western US.