Chris reviewing building plans
Chris reviewing building plans while preparing a cost estimate

Alliant Roofing Company and I are fortunate to have a great team of commercial roofing professionals. I want to write about our inspiring office staff, who have helped us to grow our business and have a great time doing it.

Alliant Roofing Company already does large-scale, commercial roofing projects for general contractors in the Western United States. Introducing our office staff to GC’s builds professional lines of communication and renews relationships.

Jeff Sitton, Alliant Roofing Company

Let us meet Chris, Corey and Heather.



Senior Commercial Estimator

Chris is our senior commercial estimator, the person who comes up with the measurements to determine what is needed for a job and how long it will take to complete it, all depending upon the deliveries and application. It is a job that is rarely clear cut. Chris is great at everything from eyeballing commercial roof recovers to figuring out what a total roof replacement will involve. He has the ability to estimate big projects that require working with big numbers. It takes a lot of expertise, and Chris has that. His skill helps general contractors to feel comfortable and confident with our work. One of his greatest strengths is the emphasis he places on direct communication with clients.



Sales Director

Corey is our Sales Director, but that is only part of what he does. He also manages our repair and maintenance division, and is involved with interviewing and hiring field staff. He leads our quality control processes and facilitates training, through feedback that he receives from our technicians, as well. Corey conducts weekly training sessions to discuss areas where we need to improve. I have had him focused on the commercial roofing side, where he is important in building relationships with business owners, especially to educate them about maintenance plans. Corey makes sure that we always follow up, “Under promise and over deliver.” His willingness to take on the Service Manager role in addition to his other responsibilities has helped grow our business. His communication with building owners, even about repairs, eventually leads to commercial roof sales.



Office Manager

Heather is our Office Manager, and she does almost too many things to list. She does our bookkeeping, Human Resources tasks, helps Chris in project coordination, and makes sure that we prequalify for contracting jobs. Prequalifying includes providing paperwork to show that we are following all OSHA and L&I regulations. She collects data, does research, compiles the information and presents it to general contractors, who always want to see our safety protocol, references, and the books. Heather is a huge part of our emphasis on quality control. She is responsible for a big part of this year’s business growth, because the scope and detail of her work allows us to bid more jobs than ever. She is the best we have ever had in this position, because she can do everything from accounting and invoicing to project administration.

Office Staff Contributes to GAF® Master Select™ Contractor Certification

GAF® Master Select™ Commercial Roofing ContractorWhen you look at the skills that our office staff bring to Alliant Roofing Company, you can see that my job as the owner is just to steer a steady course and let them do their jobs. They are all part of the reason that we were recently certified as a GAF Master Select Commercial Roofing Contractor, a top-of-the-line honor. As a Master Select Contractor, we are authorized to offer enhanced system guarantees from GAF, including no-dollar-limit guarantees. It shows the level of respect that we have earned from North America’s leading commercial roofing manufacturer. It is an honor earned by everyone at Alliant Roofing and truly the result of a team effort.

Got A Roofing Question?

Got a question about your next commercial roofing project? Then call our skilled, roofing professionals at 1-833-228-8622. Our experienced office staff will answer the questions you know to ask as well as the ones you might have missed.