Spokane Tribe Casino Main Entrance, TPO Roof New Construction - Airway Heights, WA
Spokane Tribe Casino Main Entrance, TPO Roof New Construction – Airway Heights, Washington

Alliant Roofing Company recently installed a TPO single-ply, membrane roofing system on the new Spokane Tribe Casino in Airway Heights, Washington. It was a high-profile project, and we did a great job! Working on new construction takes a long time, because there are lots of moving pieces. All of the different subcontractors need to do there jobs, as well as, coordinate with each other.

The way the commercial roofing project bidding process typically works, projects are posted at a plan center for roofing contractors to access and bid. Sometimes, a general contractor might extend bid invitations to roofing contractors that are well regarded in the industry. We had not worked with Swinerton before, but they invited us to bid, basically because of our reputation.

Any given project might receive up to a dozen bids, but not all roofing contractors are equipped to do these bigger jobs. Swinterton Builders selected Alliant Roofing because it has the expertise, equipment and professional processes to install a 50,000-square foot flat roof. We adapt on the fly to the challenges that arise on any project, especially new construction.

What made this tribal casino project particularly satisfying was the relationship that we had with Swinerton Builders, the general contractor. Swinerton’s Seattle, Washington office does a lot of work with Native American casinos; they are true professionals. We worked well together and look forward to working with Swinerton again.

Jeff Sitton, Alliant Roofing Company

Spokane Tribe Casino New Construction Project Details

One potential challenge with Native American projects is ensuring compliance with the Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance (TERO). It requires offering job opportunities to skilled Native American workers, especially members of the Spokane Tribe of Indians, in this case. Alliant Roofing’s office staff is experienced and skilled at complying with TERO. It was no problem.

We had between 4 and 15 roofers installing the casino roof at any one time. Laying the roof is one of the first pieces of constructing a new building. As a consequence, the new roof becomes a highway for all other subcontractor traffic. Reinforced TPO walkway pads add extra protection from rooftop traffic. Nonetheless, membrane roofing material is vulnerable to puncture from any sharp object. It is a constant process of inspection and repair.

A lot of the inspection process is eyeballing the roof for punctures. We do our own visual inspections, which include probing heat-welded TPO seams. The general contractor notifies us when it finds damage, as well.

Elevate UltraPly™ TPO Roofing System

  • Elevate UltraPly TPO Walkway Pad
  • Elevate UltraPly TPO Membrane
  • USG Securock® Glass-Mat Roof Board
  • OMG OlyBond500® Insulation Adhesive
  • Elevate ISO 95+ GL™ Flat and Tapered Roof Insulation
  • Elevate V-Force™ Vapor Barrier Membrane

The Elevate roofing system we installed received a 20-year factory warranty. Alliant Roofing will perform periodic inspections as part of our Roof Asset Management program.

Reputation And Relationships Matter

We often work with general contractors that are from out of town. They might come to a project knowing Alliant Roofing Company by its reputation only.

That is why I feel so good about Alliant Roofing right now. We are building our commercial roofing business by always upgrading our equipment, our proficiency and our relationships. We follow the same guiding principles for every commercial roofing project. Whether it is a roof repair, recover, replacement or new construction, we know that building good relationships helps to build business. It is the right thing to do and results in a positive, productive work environment.

New Construction Bid Solicitation

Are you a general contractor looking for an exceptional commercial roofing contractor to bid on a new construction project? Then call Alliant Roofing’s commercial roofing team today at 1-833-228-8622. We will provide you a bid submittal package that instills confidence and trust. Call now!