Roof Reporter Clearing Debris From Drain During Flat Roof Inspection To Relieve Ponding
Roof Reporter Clearing Debris From Drain During Flat Roof Inspection To Relieve Ponding

When you have a flat roof and are not having it inspected regularly, you are taking a foolish financial risk. We are entering the fall and winter seasons, when roof problems reveal themselves in ways you might never suspect. Fixing these problems now can save you big later. As part of our Roof Asset Management program, Alliant Roofing offers flat roof inspection and maintenance service packages starting at $399 per review. You spend hundreds of dollars twice a year to save tens of thousands of dollars in preventable repairs and avoidable business disruptions.

Trust in us to protect roofing investments by streamlined performance and systematic follow through, to insure increased value on any roof, regardless of system type or condition.

Alliant Roofing has been inspecting flat roofs for decades, but this part of our business has become exponentially more important during the last three or four years. Just to give you some perspective, the flat roof inspections we do for $399 used to cost thousands, when roofs had to be coated every 1-3 years.

We have dedicated roof reporters who do inspections. When they get up on a roof, they know exactly where and how to find problems. Our roof reporters start with a walk around, looking for problem areas. They then probe the seam lines and inspect all coping metals to determine whether repairs are necessary. When they find damage, they schedule repairs promptly. After finishing a roof inspection, our inspectors provide each customer a photo report detailing their findings.

Flat Roof Inspection Service Sets New Standard

Alliant Roofing now includes our roof inspection and maintenance service with every new roof we install. Building owners with older roofs may opt to purchase either an annual contract or a one-time inspection throughout the service life of their roof. We even inspect commercial flat roofs our competitors installed.

Alliant Roofing really has done its homework on this part of our business. We organized a systematic approach to flat roof maintenance that makes sense for both customers and us. Our goal was to find the ideal match between what customers needed and our strengths. As a result, we perfected the process and customer experience of performing a flat roof inspection.

Jeff Sitton, Alliant Roofing

Best Time To Inspect A Flat Roof

When is the best time to inspect a flat roof? October and March are the best times to inspect a flat roof, in order to identify damage your roof might have sustained during summer or winter. When you are a roof asset management customer, we automatically schedule each inspection in advance and remind you as the inspection date approaches. We make it easy for you to keep your roof in optimal condition.

Single-ply, membrane roofing manufacturers love prevention programs like ours. For example, having twice-yearly inspections by a GAF® Master Select® commercial roofing contractor like Alliant Roofing can extend your manufacturer’s no-dollar limit (NDL) roof warranty. Here is a partial list of the commercial flat roofing systems we inspect and maintain:

  • GAF Everguard® TPO and PVC membrane roofing
  • Elevate UltraPly™ TPO single-ply roofing membrane
  • FiberTite® KEE Mechanically Attached Roofing System (60 mil FiberTite-SM).
GAF® Master Select™ Commercial Roofing Contractor

Become A Roof Asset Management Customer

Alliant Roofing always is looking for ways to grow our business and improve our customer experience. It was a natural progression from installing and repairing commercial flat roofs to inspecting them and consulting with building owners about their needs. So, I will finish by emphasizing the importance of having your roof inspected twice a year. We make it easy to become a Alliant Roofing roof asset management customer. Call 1-833-228-8622 today!