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Commercial Roof Inspection And Maintenance Program

You cannot beat Alliant Roofing Company’s commercial roof inspection and maintenance program, the closer we get to winter and the extreme weather it brings. Anyone with a commercial building should be on our program. We come to your business twice a year, conduct a thorough analysis of your roof and its unique conditions. We provide you photos, a detailed inspection report, and a list of any repairs that are necessary. There are just so many advantages to taking care of your roof and so many potential problems if you do not. Our goal is to protect our customers…

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Alliant Roofing Growing in Central Washington

Experience, momentum, and opportunity are the three biggest factors for the growth of Alliant Roofing in Central Washington and into a regional brand. There are a lot of commercial roofs in this area that need to be fixed or replaced. Even more flat roof inspections need to be done. We recently completed a project on several government buildings in Benton County, and did a significant repair job for United Way in Kennewick. I am especially proud of that one, because we completed the work under bid, and ended up giving money back to United Way.

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Building Owners and Managers: Know Your Roofing Systems

Most of us welcome the summer sun after a cold winter, but commercial building owners need to be attentive to the potential roof damage that can be caused by severe heat. Under normal conditions, Mother Nature is not always kind to flat roofs. Regular inspections are a cost-effective way to prevent big expenses due to weather damage. Commercial roofs expand and contract in prolonged high temperatures, and any flat roof system is vulnerable to damage. While most roofing systems are designed to have some movement, extreme temperature swings put any roof to the test.

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